CatchMyPain can be used on the iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android smartphone and on the computer with Chrome or Safari browser. Not every device has the same features. In the table below you can see which device offers what features. On each device, log in with the same username and password. You can always use CatchMyPain while being offline, your data will however only be transferred from one device to another once they are connected to the internet. In the meantime, the data is saved on the device where you have entered the information.

CatchMyPain large screens

  • iPad
  • Android tablet
  • Computer
CatchMyPain small screens

  • iPhone
  • Android smartphone
  • Support for multiple languages
EN / DE / ES / FR / NL EN / DE / ES / FR / NL
CatchMyPain Community
  • Access to Community Stream to exchange with other users
(in EN/DE) (in EN/DE)
Pain Entry
  • Drawing, time frame, intensity, description, happiness, comments
  • Tracking of stress and fatigue
(for PRO version*) (can be purchased in the app*)
  • Tracking of current weather conditions
(for PRO version*) (can be purchased in the app*)
  • Use existing entry as template for new one
Pain Chart and Statistics
  • Development of pain area, intensity, happiness
  • Development of stress and fatigue
(for PRO version*) (can be purchased in the app*)
  • Average values for pain level, pain free days and more
Pain Profile
  • Personal Information, Onset of Pain
  • Course of Day, Influences
  • Diagnoses
(in EN/DE) (in EN/DE)
  • Tracking of drug intake
  • Scan barcodes of drug boxes
(for USA/CH)
  • Set intake alerts
(can be purchased in the app*)
Share / Print
  • Send full diary (all pain entries) to email
* You can purchase a PRO version of CatchMyPain for the iPad, Android tablet or the computer and some add-ons as in-app purchase on the iPhone and Android smartphone. Please notice that these purchases are per device and not automatically transferred to all other devices where you use CatchMyPain. Should you however have the same device more than once (e.g. several iPads) or change that device (e.g. new iPad) and it is linked to the same iTunes or Google account, you will be able to restore your purchase there.